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Anti-Skid Tape


Anti-Skid Tape mainly used to indicate or mark slippery area in facilities. It often comes in striking colored design in order to be identified out easily. Anti-skid tape keeps people notified with hazardous location or place. Further, it also used to add traction to the surface such like staircase or walkways to prevent potentials of slips or trips.​

  • High quality grit particles maintain outstanding slip resistance over long period

  • Shatterproof, withstand severe climatic change and ideal for indoor or outdoor usage

  • High durability of tape with long shelf life provide a permanent bonding on application

  • NBC Anti Skid Tape commonly applied in hospital, public balcony, platform, supermarket and dock area for safety or awareness purpose.

  • Widely applied on slippery surface to prevent potential slips or trips.

  • Suitable to mark hazardous area in warehouse, production floors and construction site

  • Ideally used in recreational areas such as playground, pool area, walkway as well as stairway

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