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NBC Adhesive Tapes Collection

Reinforced PGT

Reinforced gummed paper tape has extra strength and resistance compare to the normal PGT. The reinforced tape is ideal for heavier loads or rougher condition binding. This reinforced tape is suitable for all carton sealing purposes.

  • High resistance toward temperature and humidity variations. Ideal use for long distance travels.

  • Strong adhesive and firm seal. Remove the paper tape will result obvious damage to the surface.

Paper Gummed Tape

Paper Gummed Tape is well-known as water activated tape which provide good bonding performance after moistened with water.

  • Environment friendly, recyclable as well as able to undergo reuse process​

  • Use indoor and outdoor due to high tackiness and moisture-proof properties

  • Unique adhesion strength with waterproof properties allow for neat looking projects

Stationery Tape

​Stationery Tape is light transparent, with a thin adhesive coating.

  • Smooth and soft texture.

  • Tearable with your fingers, more efficient with a dispenser

  • Sticks securely even on polyethylene.

Teflon & Skive Tape

Teflon Tape is coated with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive with high temperature resistance and offer great tensile strength. It can be removed cleanly without residues. Commonly seen in small electrical parts such as coils, separators, transformers and etc as it has good insulation and heat resistance. 

  • Durable non-stick tape with easy remove properties and leave no adhesive residue

  • High temperature resistance and provide high satisfactory rate of heat transfer

Masking Tape

Masking Tape used easy-to-tear crepe paper as carrier material. Masking Tape has high temperature resistance and thermal insulation suited for long storage due to strong anti-age properties

  • Flexible crepe carrier provide ease of removal properties and leave no adhesive residue

  • Exceptional high temperature resistance and thermal insulation due to unique adhesion

Anti-Skid Tape

Anti-Skid Tape mainly used to indicate or mark slippery area in facilities. It often comes in striking colored design in order to be identified out easily. Anti-skid tape keeps people notified with hazardous location or place. Further, it also used to add traction to the surface such like staircase or walkways to prevent potentials of slips or trips.​

  • High quality grit particles maintain outstanding slip resistance over long period

  • Shatterproof, withstand severe climatic change and ideal for indoor or outdoor usage

  • High durability of tape with long shelf life provide a permanent bonding on application

Caution Tape

Caution Tape is used to provide an eye-catching background and printed bold warning text in order to alert people for safety purpose. In reference to avoid hazardous areas, it is also known as Barricade Tape, Warning Tape as well as Awas Tape.

  • Pre-printed as well as custom printed carrier according to customers’ requirement

  • Bright colour which help to strengthen the visual result and code for safety warning

  • Use indoor and outdoor due to excellent adaption over severe temperature changes

Double-Sided Tissue Tape

Double Sided Tissue Tape is a lightweight tissues coated with a rubber based adhesive. Double sided tissue provides conformability and stability for mounting light objects and may be used to laminate paper, plastic, and textiles. 

  • ​Excellent anti-aging properties and high resistance to heat and chemicals

  • Tear-able and provide persistent results

  • Excellent tack adhesive and high strength for bonding performance

Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium Foil Tape is made of aluminium foil as backing material which single coated with acrylic adhesive. The tape has been layered with aluminium oxide on the surface to provide  excellent resistance against chemical corrosion.

  • Good tensile strength with stable chemical performance

  • Fairly soft aluminium carrier with an aggressive adhesive provide exceptional durability

Printing Plate Mounting Tape

Mounting Tape has excellent adhesion to all kinds of surfaces. It can be used on flexographic printing machines to hold the rubber printing plates in place. After use the tape can be removed again. 

Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape is coated with a rubber based adhesive to provide excellent elasticity and pressure sensitive properties. The tape is able to remove cleanly and leave no residue. Suited as material for a variety of industrial purpose.

  • Able to remove cleanly without leaving any residue

  • Excellent viscosity and well conformable on smooth or rough sufarces

  • Use indoor and outdoor due to good performance over a wide range of weather temperature

Surface Protection Tape

Surface Protection Tape is perfect protection for any material surfaces. It used perfectly to against chemical corrosion, damages and scratches.

Our tapes are durable and offer excellent indoor and outdoor performance.

Kapton Tape

Kapton Tape has excellent heat resistance properties, it becomes preferred choice for applications or events of excess temperature. It is made of polyimide film coated with silicone adhesive which has excellent stability in extreme temperature.

  • Non-corrosion properties with high point of both strong acid and strong base resistance

  • Good thermal and electrical insulator as well as possess feature of good chemical stability

Electrical Tape / PVC Insulation Tape

Electrical Tape a.k.a PVC Insulating Tape is made of PVC material. It has high level in insulation therefore usually seen to be used as protection of electrical wires.

  • Comes in Multi-color options tend to indicate the voltage level and different phase of the wires

  • Unique holding power and excellent tensile strength which allow for neat looking wiring projects

  • Good thermal and electrical insulator and well adaption in sudden change of temperature

Hard PVC Tape

Hard PVC Tape is commonly used as moisture-proof packaging material as similar role as Bakery Tape or Bag Sealer Tape. Hard PVC Tape has an excellent tensile strength and good impact resistance.

  • Anti-abrasion and good insulation properties with superior sunlight resistance

  • Well adaption and exceptional flexibility maintenance over weather temperature changes

Printed OPP Tape

OPP Printed Tape is similar to other OPP tapes has a strong adhesive and high temperature resistance properties. OPP Printed Tape is customizable on printing design as to client's preference. OPP Printed Tape usually printed with company logo for brand awareness purpose. 

  • Printable tape with perfectly smooth carrier surface enable to fulfill customers’ requirement

  • Excellent waterproof performance and well adaptation over extreme change of weather temperature

  • Strong initial binding force enable permanent bonding effect with one-touch sticky when applied on substrates

Acrylic Foam Tape

Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape has strong adhesiveness and high durability. It posses an excellent bonding properties which allow for a wonderful performance on majority of both indoor and outdoor applications. 

  • Excellent capability in shock absorption and play an excellent role in vibration weakening

  • Superior bonding strength, good anti-aging properties and unaffected by ultra-violet light (UV)

OPP Tape

OPP Tape has an outstanding performance for majority of indoor usage. This tape is commonly known as it has a variety of customization options such colors, printed graphics. It usually seen used by transportation and last-mile delivery business due to its strong bonding performance. OPP Tape maintain a strong adhesiveness even in a extreme change in temperature.​

  • Able to withstand high temperature and high humidity

  • Strong adhesive power to keep parts bond to each other

Filament Tape

Filament Tape plays an effective role for both weak load and heavy-duty applications credited to its pressure sensitive properties,. It is divided into various of categories including mono filament, rough filament, compact filament and cross filament. 

  • Moisture resistance, superior resistance against mildew and mold

  • Outstanding insulation and well adaptation in sudden change of temperature

  • ​Available in variety of tape designs, for instance mono filament, cross filament and others

Cellulose Tape

Cellulose Tape is made of polypropylene film (BOPP) coated with a high creep resistance solvent adhesive. Fine construction of tape adhesive is ideally suited for light duty and medium duty applications.

  • Possess perfectly smooth and glossy surface as well as clear transparency

  • Hand tear-able, can be torn by hand easily without using cutting tools such as scissors

  • Antistatic, good elimination of electrostatic due to uniform hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties

Siliconised Kraft Paper Tape

Siliconised Kraft Paper Tape has a balanced glue line and moisture-proof properties. It makes the SKPT best suited for cold-storage packaging or low temperature applications.

  • Strong and lasting adhesion 

  • Printable and writeable due to high quality of kraft paper surface

  • ​Moisture-proof and frostbite-proof 

Bag Sealing Tape

Bag Sealing Tape is the best solution for sealing best choice for soft package materials, PE, OPP and related materials. It has a strong adhesiveness to keep the package stay safely secured. 

Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape is designed for marking and distinguishing of ground, identification of hazardous regions such as construction sites and commonly used as safety warning. Great way to is a great way to keep your warehouse and plant safe and organized. 

  • Use indoor and outdoor due to good insulation

  • Excellent flexibility and good adhesion on uneven shapes and irregular surfaces

Vegetable Tape

Vegetable Tape has the properties of food contact acceptable and moisture resistance which make it the great way for vegetable bundling.

  • Excellent resistance to ultra-violet light (UV), superior chemical as well as abrasion resistance

Carpet Tape

Double Sided Carpet Tape is made of premium grade mesh cloth with excellent flexibility as backing material which double coated with pressure sensitive rubber adhesive and kraft paper as release liner.

  • Excellent flexibility as well as high tensile strength provide quick sticking properties

  • Outstanding holding power enable well adaption over a wide range of climatic changes

  • Design of double sided adhesive allow for a well looking project and a better craftsmanship

PE/EVA Foam Tape

Double Sided Foam Tape is made by ethylene vinyl acetate foam (EVA) or polyethylene foam (PE) as backing material. Double sided foam tape is commonly used on wide range of surface materials such like glass, wood, steel, concrete. This tape provide strong adhesiveness and owns high temperature resistance to make it the right tape for 

  • Excellent stress distribution which enable the stress release evenly​

  • Ideally for low surface energy and excellent in sound weakening as well as vibration dampening

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