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NBC Packaging Tools & Equipments

Paper Gummed Dispenser

Paper Gummed Dispenser is used for measuring function, dispensing function, moistening function as well as cutting function. This dispenser is specially designed for water activated tape (exp: Paper Gummed Tape) which provide good bonding results after moistened with water. 


  • ​Consists of brushes structure which is able to provide uniform degree of tape wetting

  • Specialized designs ensure exact dispensing of needed tape portions to reduce tape wastage

OPP Tape Dispenser

OPP Packing Tape Dispenser serves as useful tool as to consistently holding the OPP tape for general-purpose dispense and cutting.

  • The load and unload tape roll system guarantee for a quicker work and provide an higher efficiency in business operation

Strapping Tools & Metal Clip

​Strapping Tools are handheld devices that are used to hold a loose load together. These tools tighten and seal the strapping that holds packages in position during shipping.

  • Commonly as reinforcing equipment for reinforcing of crates as well as reinforcing of wooden boxes.

  • Ideally suited as bundling equipment for metal plate bundling, newspaper bundling and pipe bundling.

HPVC Tape Dispenser

Hard PVC Tape dispenser commonly seen in supermarket and bakery shop all for packaging purpose. It provide enough pressure to the bag sealing tape and making poly bag sealed correctly and tightly to keep the product freshness during transportations. 

  • Increase efficiency by including a convenient blade as cutter to detach the tape  

Table Top Dispenser

Table Top Dispenser is ideal for office use, small and light easier for keeping it inside your work desks. 

  • Non-slip base makes one handed wrapping easy and safe for delicate desktops.

  • Ideal for all your wrapping and sticking needs.

  • Suitable for cellulose and stationery tape

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