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PE/EVA Foam Tape


Double Sided Foam Tape is made by ethylene vinyl acetate foam (EVA) or polyethylene foam (PE) as backing material. Double sided foam tape is commonly used on wide range of surface materials such like glass, wood, steel, concrete. This tape provide strong adhesiveness and owns high temperature resistance to make it the right tape for 

  • Excellent stress distribution which enable the stress release evenly​

  • Ideally for low surface energy and excellent in sound weakening as well as vibration dampening

  • NBC PE/EVA Foam Tape widely used in automotive industry & furniture industry.

  • Widely used in automobile accessories to fix both internal and external accessories in cars. 

  • Widely applied on sign, nameplate, purchase display, book rack, photo frame and cable clip

  • Used as decorative material for craft making, artwork, origami making, gift wrapping and cushioning

  • As glue replacement material for envelope sealing, scrapbook making, woodworking and advertising

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