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Printed OPP Tape


OPP Printed Tape is similar to other OPP tapes has a strong adhesive and high temperature resistance properties. OPP Printed Tape is customizable on printing design as to client's preference. OPP Printed Tape usually printed with company logo for brand awareness purpose. 

  • Printable tape with perfectly smooth carrier surface enable to fulfill customers’ requirement

  • Excellent waterproof performance and well adaptation over extreme change of weather temperature

  • Strong initial binding force enable permanent bonding effect with one-touch sticky when applied on substrates

  • NBC Printed OPP tape commonly printed for shipping and packaging materials which help in branding your product or business. 

  • Custom printed OPP tape offers the added value of advertising your company in addition to securing your packages while in transit.

  • Widely used for carton packaging and transportation purpose.

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